Omega Haiku is a cooperative investment collaboration. We understand that our collective efforts will always be greater than our individual parts and so have formed an assembly of artists that take pride in the craftsmanship of their product and its impact on the culture formally known as Hip Hop. We use beats rhymes and music as the connective tissue between our spirits and so the sum of our character facets should exemplify diversity. It is our goal to cherish the integrity of our personal and professional engagements no different than we cherish the integrity of the art we display for all to absorb.

Membership is contingent on the ability to adhere to the aforementioned ideologies. No person shall be obligated to maintain membership status and so has all inherent right to disassociate from the collaboration for any reason. All dis associated members will be considered inactive. Active membership is for life. As our movement and its membership expands so shall our philosophies so long as it is understood that growth artistically, financially, personally and professionally is the primary short- and long-term objective.

Omega Haiku
Stay Focused

Active Members:

Lord Gremithy
Demmene Syronn
Unk 11
Lex Supa
Beatnick Classics
Big G’s